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About Harcus Parker

Harcus Parker is a commercial litigation and dispute resolution firm. They are one of the UK’s leading specialists in group claims and class actions.  They act in complex, large-scale commercial cases.

They are prepared to work at their own risk in the right cases and have unrivalled links with the funding and insurance markets.


Letter from Founder

Harcus Parker are working with Paul Moore and his team at Claims.com to seek redress for businesses, schools, charities, faith groups and community organisations affected by the apparently widespread practice of undisclosed commissions being paid by energy suppliers to brokers. This venture is reflective of our shared desire to rectify a decade-long injustice faced by businesses, which affected tens of thousands of businesses who are now owed millions of pounds. Our carefully co ordinated efforts aim to reclaim this money through a no-win, no-fee group claim.
Together we are committed to ensuring a streamlined and supportive process for all businesses and eagerly anticipate the positive outcomes we hope this initiative will yield. Together, we can get back what is rightfully yours.


Damon Parker, Senior Partner