Mis Sold Business Energy

Understanding Mis-Sold Business Energy Contracts

Navigating the energy market can be a daunting task for businesses of all sizes. With the complexity of tariffs, contract terms, and the ever-changing landscape of the energy sector, it’s not uncommon for businesses to fall victim to mis-sold energy contracts. If your business has been mis-sold a contract, you are not alone, and you have the right to seek redress.

Mis-selling occurs when energy brokers or suppliers provide misleading information, omit critical details, or employ aggressive sales tactics to persuade businesses to sign contracts that are not in their best interest. This can lead to businesses being locked into expensive, long-term contracts that do not suit their needs.

Common Tactics in Mis-Sold Energy Contracts

  1. Hidden Costs and Fees: Brokers might fail to disclose additional charges or fees, leading to unexpected costs that inflate your energy bills.
  2. Incorrect Contract Terms: Misrepresentation of contract duration or exit fees can trap businesses in unfavorable agreements.
  3. Overstated Savings: Promises of significant savings that do not materialise can leave businesses paying more than anticipated.
  4. Pressure Selling: Aggressive sales tactics that pressure businesses into hasty decisions without adequate time to review the contract.

The Impact on Your Business

Mis-sold energy contracts can have a significant financial impact, increasing operational costs and affecting your bottom line. Overpaying for energy not only strains your budget but also diverts resources away from other critical areas of your business.

Identifying a Mis-Sold Contract

  • Unexpected Charges: Review your bills for unexpected fees or charges that were not clearly explained.
  • Discrepancies in Contract Terms: Compare your original contract with what was verbally agreed upon during the sales process.
  • High Exit Fees: Check for unusually high exit fees that were not communicated upfront.
  • Unrealised Savings: Analyze your energy costs to see if the promised savings are being realized.

Steps to Take if You’ve Been Mis-Sold

  1. Review Your Contract: Carefully examine the terms and conditions of your energy contract.
  2. Gather Evidence: Collect all relevant documentation, including correspondence with the broker or supplier.
  3. Contact Your Supplier: Raise your concerns directly with your energy supplier or broker.
  4. Seek Professional Advice: Consult with legal or industry experts who can provide guidance on your specific situation.
  5. File a Complaint: If your supplier or broker is unresponsive, consider filing a complaint with the relevant energy ombudsman or regulatory body.

How Claims.com Can Help

At Claims.com, we specialise in assisting businesses that have been mis-sold energy contracts. Our team of experts will:

  • Assess Your Situation: Conduct a thorough review of your contract and billing history.
  • Advise on the Best Course of Action: Provide clear guidance on how to proceed with your claim.
  • Support Your Claim: Assist you in gathering evidence and passing to our solicitors to resolve the issue.
  • Pursue Compensation: Help you seek compensation for any financial losses incurred due to the mis-selling.

Don’t let a mis-sold energy contract drain your business resources. Contact Claims.com today to find out how we can help you rectify the situation and recover your losses. Your business deserves transparency and fairness in its energy dealings, and we are here to ensure you get it.


How It Works?

You procure your energy through a broker and the contract term is 4 years.

  • Your Total energy cost – 20pence/ KWH
  • Of which 2 pence is Broker Commission
  • Your annual usage is 250,000kwh
  • Energy Broker commission per year is £5000
  • Total contract commission £20,000

This means as a business you have paid £20,000 in undisclosed commissions.

Let us work together and recover these funds for your business!

*Please note if you have used multiple suppliers you will be entitled multiple claims!

1. Actual Energy Cost


3. Energy Broker Services

Bill shows 14p/KWh (Paid to Supplier)

2. Energy Broker Commission


4. Supplier Pays Commission

2p/KWh to energy broker

Your business could be owed £25,000 in undisclosed energy commissions

To check your eligibility please fill in the form to see if you are able to make a No Win No Fee claim.

Why Choose Us?

Expertise you can trust

Our team of experienced professionals understands the energy industry inside and out. We know the tactics brokers use to maximise their profits at your expense, and we’re here to put an end to it.

Maximise Savings
We are committed to helping you maximise your energy cost savings. Whether you suspect hidden commissions or simply want to optimize your energy contract, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

No Win, No Fee
Worried about upfront costs? Don’t be. Our “No Win, No Fee” policy means you only pay us if we successfully recover funds for you. 

3 Easy Steps to Start your Claim


We throughly look through your deal with your energy broker, and see if you’re entitiled to a claim.


If you have used an energy broker and the brokers fee was not disclosed, we will process your application via our litigation partner Harcus Parker on a No Win, No Fee Basis.

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